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NOVOTEL Business Park is  a fascinating commercial building which possesses highly accurate details modern buildings . It is architecturally designed according to international specifications used in modern buildings making them in the vanguard as a new cultural edifice.


As for the area and services offered, the project is one of the best. It is also the biggest and the most unique administrative buildings in the Eastern Province. The building contains all elements that an optimal place can have, such as the high-tech equipments. The building has the highest degrees of luxury to meet the are fast development and aim to reach businessmen and customers expectations.


NOVOTEL Business Park is an integrated center of four attached towers built horizontally, occupying an area of 32,000 m2 . Each tower had five floors, which is about 7,000 m2 of space and leasing offices area of about 25,000 m2 , the total constructed area of all towers is estimated at 110,0000 m2.


The concept of leasing on the basis of open areas enables a renter to rent up to 2,000 m2 on one floor, or rent a complete tower depending on his needs and space availability.

NOVOTEL Business Park is not only a complex, but is also integrated business and administrative center.

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